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Technology from silk

Date : 14/11/2017

Possibilities are numerous

With the growing power and possibilities of this wonder fabric,its only a matter of good ideas and skillful hands to bring out something unexpected out of it. Like the magician brings out of the blue, industries are making "way too hard" to believe things using silk.

For the amazement !

Silk is also being used in the fields of photonics and optics as well as in electronic applications. While still a dominant player in the textile industry, silk is quickly making its way into other areas of our Modern lives. Today, China continues to hold the record for being the largest manufacturer of raw silk and is the center for the creation and production of silk embroideries worldwide. Silk has since lost its status as the most coveted luxury material but still holds the aura of beauty and decadence that it held in times past. It is continuing to change our lives today with its innovative applications in the world of science and medicine. Silk remains a treasure of China but its importance in shaping both Eastern and Western civilizations yesterday and today is a testament to its timeless beauty and strength.

Home Furnishings

Many home items are made with silk fabric, including sheets, pillow cases, tablecloths and throw covers. Silk fabric may also be used for draperies and occasionally as a high-end wall covering. When using silk fabrics in the home, remember that silk fabric is very absorbent and stains easily, so moisture should be kept away from silk.

Last but not the least

Being one of the strongest nautral fibres its uses got identified in various forms of industries apart From garments. From blankets to Parachutes its uses vary from industries, among some are far away for even Imagination. In surgical sutures and bicycle tires, well dont be amazed, keep that mouth closed its just started. Well we can talk about its uses for whole day